Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

Welcome to, we are working on projects to enable everyone to take advantage of the potential of open hardware.

LibreConnect: Build your own usb devices.


With LibreConnect, you can control buzzers, leds, buttons, radio transceiver on any machine.
You can control your objects with a web browser, or applications on your phone/computers.
You can use it without installing it, and without any settings.
Build your own usb devices with 2€ arduino.
Each prototype is bundled with a complete documentation (in english and french).


LibreInterface: Create and share web interface.

Test-it here

LibreInterface is an offline web page editor, useable inside your web browser.
Each page you created is saved directly inside the memory of your web browser (more exactly inside your localStorage).

You can export in a file your pages and share its. 
LibreInterface can work without the internet, you can even download it on your tablet/smartphone and build web pages anywhere you want!
It is the perfect companion for libreConnect as you can build an interface to manage your websocket in under 5 minutes or create a customise homepage.

Here is some picture of what I made with libreInterface.

Autonomous Uploader: Upload code on your arduino anywhere

More information

Using a Raspberry Pi, an LCD/Buttons shield and Platformio, I build a system to easily upload code on a microcontroller.
Copy your arduino sketches on a USB key and plug it on a Raspberry Pi, you can then upload your sketches on a microcontroller using USB.
Using LibreConnect, you can even directly test your prototypes.

This is useful if you want to create a small autonomous workshop, with just a Raspberry Pi, a soldering iron, a 3D printer and a tablet (to test, and display schemes). This can easily be used by an unqualified technician.

If you show interested in this project, please contact me as for now, this project is on standby.

GPS Logger: Record your GPS tracks


Record GPS data on a micro SD card with GPS Logger, you can record your trek without relying on a smartphone.
GPS Logger uses as fewer components as possible (a sdcard adapter is used as a sdcard reader) to minimise its costs.

GPS Logger can be used to bootstrap your autonomous sensors projects, with slight modifications, you can record any sensor data on a microsd card for long periods of times.

Samplerbox modding: Free DIY synth

Download Samplerbox (official)
Download Samplerbox for Windows
Download my version of Samplerbox (with midi)

Samplerbox is a software that transforms your Raspberry Pi into a synth.
You can either use the samples provided or create your own samples using any music software.

You can even add your own components/controllers and modify samplerbox to support it.

Here are some mods I made for my personal usage. (Warning! there are using outdated versions.)

  • Replicant Samplerbox: A samplerbox using low-cost components which required no soldering.
  • Samplerbox midi: A hack that uses timidity to play a partition, it is pretty useful if you want to build a drum machine which can use any partition you can find on the internet.
  • Samplerbox Windows: You don’t have a Raspberry Pi? Test samplerbox on your PC with this portable version. (You will need asio4all or an asio compatible sound card if you don’t want to have heavy latency.)

Piget: Scripts manager for Raspberry Pi.

In order to develop applications on my Raspberry Pi, I made a script manager. With Piget I can create easy to use commands that perform complex actions and replicate it on any Raspberry Pi in the world.
Each module (group of scripts) is stored on github as repo so it can be easily updated.

Here is an example which allows me to setup windows file sharing:
Unfortunately, some command depends on other commands which makes maintaining Piget unnecessarily complex, so this project is on hold.

You can, however, check and check out my modules to make your own scripts.

Some noteworthy projects: