[PIGET] Modify a module

[PIGET] Modify a module

We will see how to modify a module on Piget

Modules can be easily update, so anyone can contribute easily !

Thans to Github, You can work on your own version of piget modules without asking it, and share it with the rest of the world.
If your changes are interesting, I can add it easily.

In this tutorial we are going to :

  • Copy led module
  • Modify it on Github
  • Install your own led module

Copy a module

All Piget modules are on Github, you can copy any module on your own account.

For example, Benzaie want to improve led module, he need to clone (fork) it :

Benzaie now have his own led module at github.com/benzaie/led

Modify a module on Github

You can modify files directly on Github website.
Let’s say Benzaie want to add comments on script on

  • Click on


  • Click on the pencil (left)


  • Modify the code
  • Add a title and a description
  • Click on commit changes

Et voilà , you can see the modification here : https://github.com/pigetnet/led/commit/7433163094076de271f1ae6748c49124c994914d

Install your module

Benzaie want to see his modules or even share them with his friends.

We need to

  • Delete the led module

rm -rf /do/led

/pi/install benzaie/led

Update a module

To update all modules, type


To update led module, type

cd /do/led

We’ll see in another tutorial, how to create your own modules.

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