[PIGET] Install Piget

[PIGET] Install Piget

We are going to see how to install Piget on your Raspberry Pi and how to use it to set it up.

Piget will allow us to automate software and components install on the Raspberry Pi
Instead of typing complex commands and modify configuration files, you can use short command instead.

In the tutorial, we are going to :

  • Install piget
  • Setup our Raspberry Pi
  • See useful commands on Piget
Piget is made to be used with Raspbian Lite

You just need to copy-paste this command in your terminal  to install Piget.

curl -L piget.madnerd.org | sudo bash

What happens during install?

We can setup our Raspberry Pi using a menu, by typing :



  1. Choose a name for your Raspberry Pi
  2. Choose a password for the terminal (user: pi)
  3. Choose a colour (This can be useful to differentiate Raspberry Pi)
The SD card will be resized, if needed
Useful Commands
  • Rename Raspberry Pi

/pi/name nom
/pi/name madnerd

  • Change password

passwd pi

  • Resize SD card


  • Update Raspberry Pi


  • Install a module

/pi/install module
/pi/install led

  • Display help for a command

/show/help command
/show/help /pi/name

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