Connect to the terminal

Connect to the terminal

We will see how to remotely connect to the Raspberry Pi’s terminal on Windows.
The terminal will allow us to setup our Raspberry Pi using commands.

In this tutorial, we are going to:

  • Download and install putty
  • Install bonjour service (if needed)
  • Learn how to use autocompletion
Connect to the terminal

We will use putty to connect to our Raspberry Pi SSH terminal.

Putty is a portable application, you can use it without installing it.
  • Plug your Raspberry Pi into your router with an ethernet cable

Raspberry Pi - Ethernet

  • Download putty here :
  • Start putty.exe
  • Enter your hostname : raspberrypi.local
  • Click on Open


Le service Bonjour (zeroConf)

If you see this error message :”Unable to open connection to raspberrypi.local

This means that bonjour services is not installed on your computer or that your Raspberry Pi is not linked to your network.
You can download it here :

Bonjour service is installed by default on Windows 10 or with Skype.

If there are one thing to remember when you use the terminal is if you don’t know what to type :

Press [TAB] twice

This will enable autocompletion.
For example:
If you type : power puis and press [TAB]
This will complete the command with poweroff

If you type: re and press [TAB]
Nothing will happen, as there are multiple possibilities
Press [TAB] again, and you will see all the possible commands :

Here we can see the command reboot, we just need to type reb and press [TAB] again to complete the command.

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